Hey Cabana! I'm Kelsey.



  • Team. is. everything. The Cabana team looks like an incredible bunch. Successful start-ups are the intersection of an entrepenuer's vision and the teamwork that helps bring it to life. I pride myself in being a supportive colleague who goes the extra mile. I'm looking for others who embrace collaboration.

  • We're building the tracks while we're on them. Chaos comes when people forget that we're building a business from it's foundation. I love the challenge and being around those who can connect with this perspective. 

  • Embrace constructive feedback. When time and resources are low, it's easy to become distracted by what other's might perceive as the most important 'thing.' Start-ups rely on testing and adapting but end-goals and KPI's are the key to success. I hold onto important feedback and integrate it into the longterm plan when and where it makes most sense.

  • Test, learn grow. I fell in love with Cabana when I saw your statement about embracing bold moves. Innovation blooms in spaces where people feel comfortable to pitch bold ideas without discouragement.  This is where I thrive.



  • Nomadic Businesses. Regional product launches require continuous education. Having experience with a nomadic, domestic, travel experience has opened  

  • An unfamiliar concept in travel.

  • An unfamiliar product.

  • Climate change.

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