• Kelsey Bumsted

Adventurous Spirit: Trekking Through The Americas

Updated: Jul 28

I essentially consider my two and a half years in the Peace Corps a long term camping trip in itself. My bedroom in the Belizean jungle was a comfortable wooden shed with a tin roof. The mosquito net that permanently hung above my head protected me from the creatures that walked between the boards. The crickets singing at night weren’t just noise from my window, they were unavoidable, a part of me and my meditation at night. At times, it reminded me of camping trips as a child where we slept for weeks at a time in the woods of Maine and Vermont. I loved my room. It’s simplicity was what I respected and what I felt I needed at the time. I felt that I was apart of nature and was unable to separate myself from the outdoors- something that I always craved after living indoors for entireties of winters in New Hampshire. 

I’ve broken up my treks and camping experiences into series within my blog to tell the story of triumph with photos that can do the talking for me. There is something so invigorating about pushing your body to the limit in the most remote and untouched places in the world. Taking photos feels more like a journaling experience, trying to capture the emotion in that moment. My photos are precious to me because it reminds me of the strength, pain and exhaustion I felt at that very moment. 

I hope that they inspire others to do the same. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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