• Kelsey Bumsted

Field Trip to a Hidden Mayan Civilization

Updated: Jul 28

Belize is this mysterious land FULL of undiscovered gems. It’s tourism on specific islands gets a bad reputation for a cliche honeymooners paradise but only for those who have not spent their time there wisely. I feel incredibly grateful to have lived in Belize for over two years, to be able to discover it through the eyes of a local, to live in the houses of my friends and family- I will always cherish it.

In May 2015, I had the opportunity attend and chaperone a field trip to a protected jungle with my village elementary school. The research center we visited offers an annual trip for nearby schools once a year- which is extremely generous as rates for tourists are enormously out of reach for a typical Belizean’s budget. 

Myself and the students spent two days studying trees, birds, insects, scouring the ground at night for tarantulas and staring at the mesmerizing hummingbirds that infiltrated the small campus by day. We walked between temples that have not been excavated known as Mayan Mountains. They littered the jungle floor and stuck out like sore thumbs. The western interior of the country reveals the hidden wonders that are carefully protected by the Belizean’s who cherish them. I have included shots from our trip that summed up the excitement, craziness and desire for learning that encompassed the students when they were involved with real life work outside of the classroom and in a natural environment.

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