• Kelsey Bumsted

Hitchhiking Bocawina, Belize

Updated: Jul 28

Hitchhiking became a regular doing in my Peace Corps service. The culture around the act was normalized and felt rather secure so it became second nature to consider it when the task of getting somewhere became difficult. Bocawina Nature Reserve was one of those places we felt that it was necessary to visit before the end of our service but is rather expensive and difficult to get in and out of- so, we hitchhiked! 

Located in the southern half of the Caribbean country, this park comes complete with waterfalls, enormous Mahogany trees, dramatic landscapes, views of the Carib Sea and natural pools. The heavy-humid temperatures are unforgiving, the mosquitos hang in the shade waiting for gringos like us to walk up upon them. None of that matters though when you have beautiful dense jungle and freezing cool pools of water around you. 

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