• Kelsey Bumsted

On Assignment: ROAM Beyond on Washington's Olympic Coast

Updated: Jul 28

Nestled between the corner of the Olympic Coast and Quinalt Rainforest, I had the opportunity to photograph these cozy mobile cabins with ROAM Beyond for their first official site location. Upon arrival, you creep through an old growth forest covered with over abundant salal and weaving first roads until coming upon the mobile dwellings themselves. Opening your car door to the ocean breeze is unforgettable. Like a fairytale, the view looks out upon an endless shore covered with 300ft logs strewn across the land like toothpicks. As the sun began to set and the colors in the sky illuminated, you can't feel anything but grateful. Similar to returning to your favorite childhood hangout after being away for years - a comfort washes over your mind and soul - anything you we're worried about before you arrived is instantly forgotten as you sit in wonder.

Photographing this space felt quite easy. Is was less about the setting and more about the way the setting made me feel. The remoteness. The grandeur of the trees. The epic horizon and expansive viewpoints that made you feel like an ant. The original aim for the photoshoot was images that portrayed a natural, remote setting for these unique boutique trailers. After understanding the setting in a deeper sense, I made sure to capture images from places on site which carried a sense of amazement. Spaces that inspired me to stop and think. Areas where I felt true solitude. It was less about the trailer but how the trailer interacted with the environment.

Enjoy a few of my favorite shots.

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