• Kelsey Bumsted

On Assignment: Zion National Park with Explorer X & Zion Guide Hub

Updated: Jul 28

When most people think of Zion, they can picture the typical photos of dramatic landscapes, red clay rocks, classic viewpoints, and extreme hikes - the insane beauty that's hard to internalize until your staring straight up at it. For me, my goal and intentions for visiting Zion were less about the scenery - I was shooting for a couple companies selling the human experience. What does that mean? Capturing the moments of fear, clarity, peace, and extreme.

Zion can be a challenging place to visit - mentally and physically. We arrived in Arizona in May after many months of cold, rainy, wet days. The sun and heat was shocking like stepping onto another planet. Our days we're lined up with activities that similarly, tested our abilities, senses, and perception. From canyoneering, to trekking, biking to sound bathing, Zion brought out emotion that surprised all of us: fear, anxiety, frustration, happiness, gratefulness, peace, and hunger.

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