• Kelsey Bumsted

Peru's Colca Canyon Trek: Twice As Deep As The Grand Canyon

Updated: Jul 28

My time in Peru was cut short for family emergencies back home which cut off my plans for the Amazon and Macchu Pichhu treks but I am eternally grateful for the chance to visit Peru’s less trekked Colca Canyon. Colca Canyon is located about three hours away from Peru’s southern city, Arequipa (the second largest city after Lima). The overnight hike brought us cutting through the canyon’s rocky edges, down to the oasis’s that secretly appeared and up around the surrounding towns that looked like scenes from The Hobbit. 

Colca Canyon is most famously known for in grand depth that makes it twice as deep as Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Similarly, when you look over the edges, the scenes paint a picture in front of you that is hard to grasp. If only there was a way to compare them in front of your eyes. It’s steep roads that hug the edges look like ant paths from the opposite side. It’s elevation and dry air pulls out all of the moisture you thought you had. 

We stayed overnight in a desert oasis, yes a desert oasis. The lush green tropical flowers overgrown over our cabin gave the cliffs that surrounded us the most magical feel. We were only able to enjoy them for a couple hours until the sun set, we left before the sun rose. Even though our hike here was over a matter of a day and a half, the exhaustion felt just as real. I’m not sure my body will ever normalize after three hour hikes in the dark before sunrise. 

If you have the chance to visit Peru’s Colca Canyon: GO.

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