• Kelsey Bumsted

Village Portraits

Updated: Jul 28

"Lets go take photos!" rang through the house almost every golden hour. When I arrived in the village, Rosie was only about 7 years old. Her meek voice and shy demeanor snuck around the house when her drastically older sisters stole the show with their high school gossip and difficult assignments. I invited Rosie to take photos with me multiple times the first year we were family but it wasn't until I told her, genuinely, "my goodness, you look like a Mayan Disney Princess." Her eyes lit up, her shoulders broadened and her smile grew with excitement. By nine years old, her confidence blossomed and I could see it in her conversation and grades. While my role in Peace Corps was as a health educator, I learned that it encompassed more importantly a sister, aunt and best friend.

These are some of my favorite shots with Rosie.

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