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There's something invigorating about the creative process in photography. It's more than a picture - it's the emotion behind the subject, sense of desire and empathy involved in understanding the story, the subtle interactions, and the skill it takes to combine light and landscape to enhance your vision. Three dimensional and full of life. I go into every session prepared to listen & learn and humbled to be invited to tell your story.

Getting to know your goals, vision and comfort level is the most important piece in my work. How I interpret and translate it into a photograph is the fun part! 


From lifestyle photos to family portraits, let your personality radiate through the image. Catering to your needs, desires and  comfort level. 



Inspire others to stop scrolling.  In order to make the greatest impact, I take into consideration a holistic business approach by understanding the company mission, branding, campaign, story, and audience in every session. 




Being in areas of the world outside of my "comfort zone", the camera teaches me to take a deep breath, be thankful, consider my surroundings, capture a story and really understand and consider the emotions and cultures in front of me. Empathy plays a major role in what I do. I don't think I would be where I am without the opportunities I've had to work as Peace Corps member, global health volunteer and passionate traveler. My heart and soul lies in the framework of Transformational Travel and I incorporate them into every photo I capture.