I am exploring our human relationship to nature - believing that the closer we can bridge our gap, the more stewards to environmental protection we can create. Intentionally integrating sensory details and framing personal perspective, my goal is to help people imagine themselves inside of the photograph or feel inspired enough to go out an become apart of of the story.

Photography was once a hobby but has evolved into how I see the world. Constantly amazed by what others might find simple - adding emotion based on context, light, and angle. I don't always find it easy to explain but know how to make it feel.    

I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire with an itch at a young age to see the world. This curiosity combined with a desire to make an impact, inspired me to join the Peace Corps with the intention of studying Public Health following my service. Surprised, I found myself more intrigued by and overwhelmed with the love of culture, anthropology, eco-tourism, nature, and  storytelling. Living in a tiny, remote village allowed for copious downtime. I applied my love of marketing, design, and photography into every project I could. This incredible time of growth and exploration has turned me into the person I am today.


Contact: bumsted.kelsey@gmail.com
Located: Seattle, Washington USA





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