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Kelsey is exploring our human relationship to nature - believing that the closer we can bridge our gap to the outdoors, the more stewards to environmental protection we can empower. Intentionally integrating sensory details and framing personal perspective, her goal is to help people imagine themselves inside of the photograph or feel inspired enough to go out and become part of the story.

Kelsey grew up on the edge of a small town in New Hampshire and was immersed in the outdoors at a young age but it wasn’t until she moved to Washington State that her adoration for it really ignited - the steep and dramatic coastlines, sharp peaks, glowing moss, emerald lakes, and enchanted forests weren’t just an attractive landscape but a moving realization for how lucky she was to live in the Pacific Northwest. Witnessing these settings for the first time gave her a unique perspective and one that she felt responsible to translate to those who hadn’t been impacted the same way. 


Kelsey’s work has been published in Lonely Planet, Sustainable Escapes and across various online news outlets for companies in the Travel Industry. She is a proud Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Belize, 2015 - 2017) and accounts much of her empathetic perspectives in photographs from the experiences she had while in service. Kelsey is also an official Artist for Air with Tomorrow's Air; a traveler community dedicated to reducing carbon emissions by ​pledging and investing in carbon capture technology.


Contact: bumsted.kelsey@gmail.com
Located: Seattle, Washington USA