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I am inspired by emotion.

Poetry and photography are synonymous in my mind. Photography was once a hobby but has evolved into how I see the world. Constantly amazed by what others might find simple - adding emotion based on context, light, and angle. Subtly supporting and enhancing imagery with writing that frames the image is what a chef would call a garnish. I don't always find it easy to explain but know how to make it feel.    

I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire with an itch at a young age to see the world. This curiosity combined with a desire to make an impact, I joined the Peace Corps with the intention of studying Public Health following my service. Surprised, I found myself more intrigued and overwhelmed with the love of culture, anthropology, art, eco-tourism, nature, and  storytelling. Living in a tiny, remote village allowed for copious downtime. I applied my love of marketing, design, and photography into every project I could. Returning back from traveling for years and feeling quite confused, I found security and love for the impact-driven travel industry and telling other people's stories.


My work has been published online in Forbes and featured in media channels and websites for a variety of small businesses.


Located: Seattle, Washington USA